SharePoint Search track at the SP24 online conference

With less than 12 hours before the biggest and greatest SharePoint and Office 365 Online conference is bound to start, we can immediately see that Search is a big topic. I’ve always been a believer in the Search-driven applications, and I’m most happy to have seen this during the SPC14 in Last Vegas, and SP

Thanks to Jeff Fried (@jefffried – Jeff’s handle is quite cool with the triple-F – reminds me of the “Triple X”) who took the time to collect all this information we can say that we have now our own unofficial track – “Search @ SP24”.

Find all sessions speaking about Search in the table below – and most important – enjoy the SP24 – it is truly one of the greatest online events built so far, settings high expectations for whatever comes next!

Many thanks to organizers, it has been an extreme work to put this together!


Session Time (GMT) Time (EST) Title Level Speaker Twitter Handle
#SP24S090 5:00 1:00 Using the Content Enrichment Web Service with SharePoint Server 2013 Search Technical – Advanced Sezai Komur – NEC Australia @sezai
#SP24S021 6:00 2:00 2013 Search, Display Templates, Query Rules, Result Types Technical – Beginner Omer Zubair – CSC @Omer_Zubair
#SP24S047 8:00 4:00 Real-life experience building search-driven applications for product-centric sites Technical – Advanced Marius Constantinescu – blue-infinity SA @c_marius
#SP24S032 10:00 6:00 Custom Indexing Connectors – How to integrate external system into your SharePoint Enterprise Search Technical – Advanced Heinrich Ulbricht – Communardo Software GmbH @h_ulbricht
#SP24S083 11:00 7:00 Search First Migration with SharePoint 2013 – Benefits / Disadvantages Technical – Intermediate Max Melcher – Alegri International Service GmbH @maxmelcher
#SP24S034 14:00 10:00 The Search Immaturity Cycle, and How to Create a Search Strategy Business – Intermediate Jeff Fried – BA Insight @jefffried
#SP24S009 16:00 12:00 10 Things to Know about Search in SP2013 and Office 365 Business – Beginner Agnes Molnar – @molnaragnes
#SP24S019 18:00 14:00 Search Topology and Optimization Technical – Advanced Mike Maadarani – MCM Consulting @mikemaadarani
#SP24S050 22:00 18:00 Search Driven Application Development in SharePoint 2013 Technical – Intermediate Matt Youngstrom – Magenic @spguru

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