Use you favorite Bloging tool with SharePoint Publishing sites

Writing blogs in SharePoint 2010 is fairly easy when using blog site template, either via Office Word (2010 / 2013) or Windows Live Writer. This is possible simply because there is an application page available under your site collection at /_layouts/metaweblog.aspx which simply wraps up the XMLRPC protocol and interprets all POST of your blog writing tool.

If you’ve been trying to setup the same for Wiki Page Libraries or Publishing pages you are out of the luck. This is about to change as my good colleague Vladimir Herrlein just published his beta version of the tool which now makes it possible to use Word 2010/2013 for creating Publishing Pages.

In his solution Vladimir wraps up the same XML-RPC protocol in a handler, which once installed on your SharePoint 2010 farm will reside under <URL of your web site>/_vti_bin/api/blog.ashx which you should pass on in your favorite blog tool, use you Windows account (perfect for corporate blogging)

Head out for CodePlex ( and give it a try, and drop your feedback directly on the project site. Bookmark that location as more updates are surely coming soon.

Until next time happy SharePoint-ing,




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