Branding & Design – Challenges and opportunities with SharePoint 2013

On January 30th, 2013 at the Swiss SharePoint Club’ 31st user group meeting I’ve had the privilege of presenting a session around the challenges and opportunities for Branding and designing sites in SharePoint 2013. As the audience (of around 52 participants) was mixed, so the presentation was packed a lot of information targeting both audiences alike, as well as several demos, all we’re bravely performed live on the free SharePoint Online, available through the Office 365 developer program.

I encourage every single Developers & IT-Pro alike to head for the and register for an early-bird 90 days free account which shall deliver all the goodies of the fully-integrated environment comprising SharePoint, Lync, Exchange, all with the full support of Search services, User Profiles and Social capabilities, even the new Work Management Service Application to handle global tasks rollups across SharePoint installation.

To get back to the actual user group meeting, the agenda packed sessions only around SharePoint 2013 covering new features coming with WCM, my sessions on branding – which came as a perfect completion of the prior one, and ended with experiences being shared with regards to migration considerations from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. Be sure to head out on the Swiss SharePoint Club word-press blog – to get access to all materials shared at the sessions.

Fabrice Romerland (MVP), and long-time club member also documented (in French) the sessions as they we’re presented, available on his blog.


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