Tech-Days 2012 Session on Channel 9

It’s been only 2 weeks since Microsoft Tech-Days 2012 in Switzerland @ Lausanne and most sessions are already online. My session which is meant to provide a summary of few important changes for Developers planning to move to SharePoint 2013.

It is extremely difficult to summarize changes added to the SharePoint 2013 platform in less than 1h, but we’ve tried to focus on most important ones such the new Cloud-App model, new REST API, going through JSOM/CSOM and finishing off with the new App-Scoped External Content and REST support in BCS and of course big changes onto the Workflow architecture.

For those present hope you enjoyed it, for all other I hope the slide and video will make a good material for your study and preparations to step into the tremendously exceptional world of SharePoint 2013 which I come to love already.

Session is available here

Note:  The Audio/Video is in French, however the slides are in English.

Until next time, happy SharePoint-ing!




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