Windows Azure Tools not supported on Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview just yet


I’ve got my head around Windows 8 Developer Preview after installing it (I’ve documented how I installed on, in my post earlier) on my DELL E6510 machine by using the VHD boot capabilities available in Windows 7. After 3 auto-reboots, about 30 updates and more than 2 hours later, I had my fresh Windows 8 DP plus Visual Studio 2010 and 11, along with all other tools.

By the way, Visual Studio 11, will install for you SQL Denali Preview beta 3 release, which works just perfectly next to my usual install of SQL Express Edition with Advanced Services 2008 R2.

As I’m currently working on Soft-Shake Geneva, demo, that takes place, in October 3-4, that is meant to expose for my JAVA collegues a couple of REST Services via OData, I wanted to see, among others (e.g. evaluating how SharePoint 2010 Server works on Windows 8 Developer Preview) what Visual Studio 11 brings for developer.

After installing both Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, as being my everyday tool, plus the full version of the Visual Studio 11 Ultimate (Express edition is being already installed as part of the Windows 8 installation kit, if you’ve chosen that respective version from the download site at Microsoft), I’ve downloaded the Windows Azure Tools for Windows 8 (available for download on CodePlex, along with documents and samples), which has been released very recently be Wade Wegner’ team (excellent work by the way), see more on Wade’s blog

Well it turns out that even if it works perfectly with Visual Studio 2010, the same is not valid for Visual Studio 11, see screenshot below. Well, meanwhile, I must say that development on Windows 8 with Visual Studio 2010 workout perfectly for me, after all Sinofski claimed multiple times at the //Build/ that all “your Windows 7 applications should work seamlessly in Windows 8”.


Until next time, happy coding,


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