Install SharePoint 2010 RC, Visual Studio 2010 RTM, TFS 2010 on Windows 7 x64

It looks like for the 1st time in Microsoft’s application release cycles a Release Candidate of a platform such as SharePoint 2010 RTM is easily configurable with the RTM versions of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, and….wait, it gets better Team Foundation Server 2010 (and not in Basic Mode).

There is not much to say here, as it all went very smoothly.

I started off by installing Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate via the Web installer (i couldn’t make it via the downloaded .ISO image for whatever reason, mentioned even on Microsoft Connect site). Then i installed (but NOT configured) the Team Foundation Server 2010 x64 edition).

Once all done, I’ve started off the SharePoint 2010 RC (not the Foundation, but the full version of the SharePoint platform) and wait for it to finish.

Note that you do NOT need to install the Geneva Framework anymore neither the Sync Framework, nor the Silverlight 4 tools. I’ve just installed the MS Chart Framework for .NET 3.5. SP1.

Those being said, i now have a fully integrated environment for building my Silverlight 4 for SharePoint 2010, in one environment. So i shall better get down to it…

Until next time, happy SharePointin’,
C. Marius


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