“Yes, we can” – or….SharePoint 2010 installation on Windows 7 (along with Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2)

Just the other day i was writing about not being able, apparently..or let’s say using the OOTB installation of SharePoint 2010 on a Windows 7 RTM X64 machine. So Microsoft indeed made it possible to install SharePoint 2010 on a client or server (as they’ve promised us a while back), but…there are some tweaks…at least in beta phase (we all wait to see what the November 2009 release will bring us)!

Even more, just the other day I’ve found some really cool blog entries (such as Scott Hanselman’s on how to prepare a bootable VHD machine with Windows 7 and the guys in the Microsoft Virtualization group) about how can we do a virtual boot in Windows 7, so that you can keep your current installation untainted, but still be able to play with latest betas, Visual Studio 2010 beta 2!

So what you need (remember, we are on X64 platforms here…so get installation kits for accordingly, as SharePoint 2010 will ONLY run in X64):

1. Windows 7 x64 machine (or VHD, look again here to get ideas on how to use boot from VHD with Windows 7).
2. SQL Server 2008 X64 (i always use on my workstation Express Edition with Advanced services)! Later you would need SQL Server 2008 SP1.
3. Geneva Framework x64  – BETA 1, very important because current release of SharePoint 2010 works ONLY with that. Get it from here (as Microsoft removed downloads to it, allowing only Beta 2 nowadays).
4. For the original installation kit (yes, that implies unpacking the original SharePoint2010.exe file, either using built-in archive or use just like 7zip), you would need: SyncFramework & FilterPack, both available in the “PrerequisiteInstallerFiles” folder, after unpacking.

Once you’re done those above, than find the configuration in your unpacked archive \Files\Setup\config.xml. Find the line <Setting Id=”AllowWindowsClientInstall” Value=”True”/>(that’s how you should change, as you will find False by default). Execute the setup.exe and ignore the warnings you receive along the way.

Now install those in that order and then apply SQL Server x64 SP1. This being done, create your SharePoint site under Central Administration…and do no forget to unable the SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard (http://www.spfoxhole.com/Blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=131).

One note, i usually install the Visual studio 2010 Beta 2 after, it might be a preference of mine, but because of being betas, and…various frameworks they get updates when you least want them to.

Happy SharePoint-in,
C. Marius


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