Running MOSS on Windows 7

Now, if you are like me, always trying and testing new stuff, you might have tried already various versions of Windows 7, starting with beta, RC, until the latest RTM. Well, obviously I’ve went further and wanted to use it as my development machine, for my local MOSS/.NET developments.

Being used to with “WSS Install on Vista” from Bamboo, i become really dependent on having my own personal installation of MOSS where i could tweak (read even trash) my developments, test community tools, etc.

Now, my 1st attempt to have it installed was on RC0, and obviously the dreaded dialog on “not being able to run it due to compatibility issues” stroke me. So i started on creating a slipstream version of the MOSS with SP2, hopping to be able to install it afterwards. My slipstream version of the MOSS 2007 with SP2, run smoothly on my other server with Windows 2008 R2 x64 and SQL 2008 Express Edition.

However, the SetupLauncher needs the executable version of the installation kit, as it seems is unpacking it behind the scenes, therefore not being able so far to use it on my Windows 7.

Don’t despair, because the guys from Bamboo already have found an workaround for allowing usage of their tool, by tweaking with the computer policy.

So, after spending some while, i still managed to install successfully MOSS on my Windows 7, and then upgraded my MOSS with SP1 to SP2, plus the language packs!

Be aware that if you do not use the same account for installation, service execution, configuration wizard, etc. (as I always do :D), you need to add the account used when running the configuration wizard to SQL 2008’s logins, with dbCreator (i choose sysAdmin) roles, as obviously is not enough to have it in the Administrators group on the local machine!

And one last additional note, please do not forget to disable the loopback check!!!

Happy SharePoint-ing,
C. Marius


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