Make SharePoint support jQuery && add JQuery IntelliSense to VS2008 SP1

So you find yourself that you need to do fancy stuff in SharePoint but due to various reasons you cannot…e.g. File upload not working asynchronously in an UpdatePanel, or ModalPopupExtender will not function corectly unless you add DOCTYPE declaration, just to mention some.

Speaking of which i ended up developing a generic dialog page, launched via some jQuery , that looks just like the Asset picker window (I’m sure you’ve seen it whenever you needed to select a Site or a List from within a site/sub-site) or even more you’ve used it in your tool parts via LaunchPickerTreeDialog….(I’ll have a post on how I did a “more” generic popup dialog page using jQuery).

So you decide for jQuery/JSON, etc. to pass over these you would want to:

1. Have VS2008 SP1 (make sure you have SP1 for VS2008 installed and not just the SP1 for .NET 3.5) otherwise this update will report problems. An important note, you can use both in X86 and X64 systems. Jeff King details more on WebDevTools blog at MSDN.

2. Unless you add it yourself via code as bellow, you could use the feature proposed by Gunnar Peipman on his blog at SharePoint jQuery deployment feature. Just make sure you do get the latest build (currently 1.3.2.) of from the jQuery official site.

Until next time happy coding,
C. Marius

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