Sharepoint Swiss Club Event in Vevey, Switzerland

Past week I’ve participated to an event organized by the SharePoint Swiss Club (, in french), obviously is payable (wonderring so far, as I’m for some while here, what is not payable in Switzerland, Dev-Days is arround 300 CHF and in Paris is STILL free), and you need to be member besides that.
One after another, it was interesting, meeting people with same interests, and obviously problems, solutions. It was interesting to hear about what SharePoint 14 shall come up with, directly from Microsoft’s representative, even if they we’re not quite ready to disclose more than they did in Paris at Dev-Days. but for me it was more exciting to see how others, namely Suisse MVP for Sharepoint Fabrice Romerland (also known for its Powershell extensions on CodePlex at or big companies like AGIP, use SharePoint to solve their day to day issues.
Take a look at the Swiss SharePoint Club site for details on the topics discussed there.

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